Municipal lease financing, or municipal leasing, is a quick, simple way for municipal governments, counties and state agencies to obtain and use equipment and services without a major up-front investment. It allows you to get the items you need now, yet pay for them over an extended period of time — usually three to seven years. Our investment in the equipment used by the municipality is tax-free, allowing us to provide an outstanding rate value to our municipal clients. Plus, when the lease is paid in full, the municipality owns the property. This is why municipal leasing is recognized by government officials and financial experts worldwide as a viable, flexible financing option.

Depend On Us Throughout Your Purchase

Once your financing needs have been evaluated and you have decided on your equipment acquisition, a quick call to us sets the ball in motion. We begin by negotiating terms and rates and by generating the proper documentation for your endorsement.

Types of Municipal Equipment Financed:

  • Dump Trucks
  • Construction Equipment
  • Police Cars
  • Fire Trucks
  • 911 Systems
  • Other
  • Contact BancorpSouth Equipment Finance's Municipal Manager to discuss your municipality's purchase of these and other types of equipment.